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Due to the 25% drop in the value of the Aussie Dollar against the US Dollar over the past two years, most of our imported products will go up in price. The wholesale price of quite a few of our locally produced products have also increased and necessitate some price rises there too. So get your orders in now, before December 25th (no orders between Dec 25th and 8th January when business will be closed for Christmas break). Price rise takes effect from January 11th.

Price Rise Exclusions

The price of the  following items will remain unchanged in price:

  • Large Print bingo cards laminated – GLPB250 and GLPB100
  • Bingo Counters Red (GBCOR) and Blue (GBCOB)
  • Jumbo Playing Cards 1 (GJPC1)
  • Box ‘n’ Dice manufactured Horse, Yacht and Racing Games
  • Tensation Board Game (GTEN)
  • Giant Snakes and Ladders (GSNL)
  • Safety Dartboard Set (GSDB)
  • Octaband 8 leg (GOCT8)
  • Balloons and Balloon pump (GBPU)
  • Light foam dice (GDFN & GDFD)
  • Giant foam coated dice (GDC15 & GDC20)
  • Pocket Dice (GDCP)
  • Foam Toss Discs (GFTD)
  • Giant Inflatable Dice (GGDIE)
  • Racing Game Stands (GSTA)
  • All tactile balls except inside out ball
  • Textured Tangle (STTT)
  • Therapy Tangle (STST)
  • Skishie Gel pad (STSP)
  • Handmade fiddle aprons (STFAH and STFAF)
  • Handmade slip resistant fiddle mats (STFM)
  • Full table mate (STFT4 and STFT6)
  • Table Mate small
  • Busy Day Activity Full Aprons – STMA and STWA
  • All wooden jigsaw puzzles
  • All cardstock jigsaw puzzles
  • All plastic jigsaw puzzles
  • All Aquapaints
  • Paint Project (ATPP)
  • All Books except Never Too Old to Learn books and Quiz books – set of 3
  • All Reminiscence Poster Packs
  • All Reminiscence Photo books
  • All Sharetime Pictures small photo books and nonverbal picture books on CD
  • All Box ‘n’ Dice Theme Day books on CD
  • Pictures Not Words book
  • Calmology Professional Aromatherayp Kit
  • Red and Blue Book CD collection
  • All Reminiscence DVDs except Fran West range
  • All Singalong DVDs
  • All CAProgram DVDs
  • All Aged Care Trivia DVDs
  • All exercise DVDs except Best of Sitting Dances