CAP DVDs and Aged Care Trivia USBs

Some of our customers have asked how the new Aged Care Trivia USBs are different from the Cognitive Activity Program DVDs.

Apart from the fact that the CAP dvds have been specifically designed to challenge clients’ learning, recall and reasoning functions, while the Aged Care Trivia USBs are designed purely as trivia quizzes here are the main differences in the format and style of presentation of quiz material

CAP – $35.00 per dvd.

  •  have 10 sets of questions – some sets are designed around learning, some around recall and a few are visually based reasoning activities
  • most of the sets have between 10 and 15 questions except for the visual based reasoning activities such as What’s missing and How Observant are You, which have 6 questions – in all over 120 questions that cover places, general knowledge, people etc and special interest questions.
  • The length of each set of questions varies for eg. in CAP 1 they vary between about 6 minutes for one set to 22 minutes for perhaps another set, most around the 13 to 15 minutes in length including answers. Thus the whole dvd can run over 100 minutes depending on the DVD if you go through the whole set in one go (most people do not).
  • Some of the questions have a lot of written information up on the screen e.g. Movie Stars questions, so good reading ability is required by participants using these DVDS.
  • CAP sets of questions are like Quiz Night quizzes – that is, the participants have to write down the answers after each question and then all the answers are given at the end of the round. The dvd can be paused after each question to give participants time to discuss and write their answers down.
  • Answer sheets are available from a dedicated website for activity coordinators to download. Login details are given with purchases.
  • A five second ticking clock and alarm bell lets the participants know when the next question is going to come up on the screen.
  • CAP has a male voiceover for most of the written question quiz questions that appear on the screen and music over the visual questions eg. geographical landmarks questions. All the questions have still photos.
  • You can revisit any set of questions by accessing the title menu on your DVD remote.

The Aged Care Trivia USBs – $33.00 per Era 50’s,60’s,70’s

  • Have only one set of questions on each USB – approx 30 questions covering old movies, music, tv shows, world events, sport, geography, general knowledge etc.
  • Each Era runs for thirty minutes.
  • The questions do not have any voiceover – videos are played, music is played and questions are written up on the screen in large print.
  • The questions include audio clips,  old movies footage and television footage as well as still images.
  • A twenty second countdown clock is shown on the screen and then the answer comes up on the screen straight after the question. Thus this type of quiz is more about participants perhaps calling out the answer rather than writing it down
  • If you are coordinating the quiz session as an activity session (rather than just putting it on in a lounge area and leaving to run) and wish to give participants more time to answer each question either verbally or by writing down the answer, you can pause after the countdown clock reaches zero, and resume play at your leisure for the next question.
  • You can revisit any question at any time by accessing the title menu on your USB remote and choosing the scene