Activity Scarf-e in Upcycled Wool in mustard colour

Introducing the Activity “Scarf-e” an Innovative Approach to Engaging the Person Living With Dementia

Perfect Solution

Scarf-e is a self-supporting scarf that allows activities to be securely attached, which have been specifically chosen to meet the recipient’s needs, given their condition and their personality and interests. It provides the perfect solution for your carers and residents.
It is important to note that provision of the scarf-e to residents will assist facilities to meet 10 key elements of the Accreditation Standards set by the Australian Government. (Standards 2, 3 and 4).

Designed and manufactured by Mindful Generations partners Marina and Gayle, both with extensive diversional therapy/ recreational officer experience in aged care, the patented Activity “Scarf-e”  comes with a 4 item activity starter pack  and  6 tethers and clasps to attach to the “Scarf-e”. This is unique as  activities can be changed easily off your scarf, daily if you choose. It is also easy and quick to take items off when the “Scarf-e” fabric requires laundering.

The “Scarf-e” is available in upcycled 100% wool blanket, fair trade yak wool(lighter weight), denim (lightweight) and polyester/cotton versions. An Activity “Scarf-e” may be purchased from Box ‘n’ Dice with a generic starter pack or with a personalised activity pack. The former are kept in stock, while the latter are made to order (we will liaise with Mindful Generations on your behalf regarding what personalised items will be required). See the full range here

Upcycled wool activity scarf-e

Upcycled wool activity scarf-e

Activity Scarf-e in Fair Trade Yak Wool


Each scarf-e has exchangeable attachments that are relevant to its wearer, their family background and interests; giving them activities that will provide comfort and pleasure as well as opportunities for interaction with carers and families.


Each individual can decide how and when to engage with the scarf-e. Worn either around the neck or across the lap, it provides ongoing easy access to the activities, while the tethers ensure that none are dropped or ever out of reach.


By utilising the scarf-e to provide diversion, it becomes an extra tool to help carers occupy and engage individuals who may be waiting for assistance or travelling in a car, or to manage certain behaviours. It can also help trigger conversations that help carers gain insight into their clients.


Mindful Generations are bringing out new activities on an ongoing basis and have ensured that the scarf materials used are highly durable and can be washed in a commercial machine, hence ensuring years of use and enjoyment.


“We offered 10 residents the sensory scarf-e with 7 out of the 10 utilising them to their full potential. The scarf-es were targeted to residents who displayed constant physical agitation. The scarf-es assisted the residents around 80% of the time. One of our residents is also a wanderer and wore her scarf-e most days. She would fiddle with the attachments and would put items in the pockets. The scarf-es were easy to wash after removing the attachments. Some residents wore them while others laid them on their laps or across their table. We also achieved many key elements of the Accreditation Standards using the Scarf-e. Overall this is a good product and I would recommend the use of them as they were really helpful for our staff and residents.” Jessica Rickards (RAO Team Leader)
“We absolutely love this scarf-e as it has made such a difference to my father’s life. He really engages with it and we can point out our photos
and talk to him about the cards. It makes it so much easier to leave him there, knowing he is content and not ignored or staring vacantly at nothing.” (Jo, daughter of recipient)


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