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Like Scrabble with numbers for those who don’t like word games

Welcome to Tensation, a numerical version of Scrabble.Up to 4 players place tiles numbered from 1-10 in vertical or horizontal sequences on the gameboard to try to score the most points.

 Tensation board game


Tensation is a game of skill because where a player chooses to place a tile will have the potential to substantially increase their score. A great way for seniors to interact with their grand children, as everyone can count to ten.


Players have eight tiles in their rack and must place them onto the board (see shown) in such a way as to make or complete a sequence. The game starts with the first person who is able to place any of the numbers 4,5,6, 7 onto the starting squares in the middle of the board.


 Tensation Game Board
Tensation Board game closeup

Subsequent players add to the numbers either horizontally or vertically to make longer sequences and the longer the sequence made the more points are scored. Anyone who can count will have no problem making a sequence.



  • Game Board
  • 100 number tiles
  • Tile bag
  • 4 tile racks
  • Rules

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