Baby Doll with Blinking Eyes - Alex

My Eyes Open and Shut!

You can find Baby doll with blinking eyes –  Alex in the section of the Child Representation Therapy category

Though the eyes do not look realistic, this doll is suitable for use in Child Representation Therapy where the person living with dementia gets concerned when the sleeping doll doesn’t wake up or the awake doll won’t go down to sleep. Alex joins Sam as another option for this type of doll, and like Sam can be used as  a unisex doll if required (see our photos of Alex in blue on the webpage).

Child representation or Doll therapy has been around for some time and though there has been little studies done on the effectiveness of the use of baby dolls to assist in the alleviation of agitation in clients with dementia, anecodotal evidence supports the use of them when done properly and assistance of agencies who specialise in dementia behaviour management are brought in to provide information and  advise on use.

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