New and Improved Picture Bingo Game

We listened to customer feedback about the Picture Bingo Game we previously sold, and as a result the manufacturer has released a second edition with improved picture clarity.  Click on the picture to find out more about this product we are now pleased to sell.Picture Bingo game edition 2

Our new version has the following features:

  • Ten laminated A4 size player cards each with nine pictures
  • The nine pictures on each card are easily identifiable on a white background – no distracting background images
  • Each player card has its own unique pictures – that is, there is no double up of pictures on player cards.
  • The bingo caller holds up a picture on a flat wooden block with a picture, calls out the name of the picture  and the player with that picture on his card, places it over the picture on the card (only one player will have this picture)
  • The picture block may be placed picture down on the card if desired, so that the picture is no longer visible and therefore does not need to be visually scanned again.
  • Winner of the game is the player who covers all his nine pictures first.

Note: This picture bingo game is not like regular picture bingo games where pictures may feature on several player cards.

Code : GPMB
Price : $89.95

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