Green Large Print Song Book – Music Edition – 2nd Edition


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This newly released title, the GREEN LARGE PRINT SONG BOOK MUSIC EDITION SECOND EDITION is the mainstay of the Aged Care Music Resources’ popular Green Book series.

Each arrangement in this larger 412 page second edition of the Green Large Print Song Book sheet music book is made up of both treble and bass clef, chord names and lyrics for 200 much-loved songs of 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. At the back of the book there is a fold-out chord reference chart

Optional CD MP3 Playback: Each tune in the sheet music can be heard by playing its corresponding MP3 file on this disc, which plays the music exactly as it is written in the score; a great benefit to those who can play by ear.

The arrangements in this book are each made up of melody line, chord names and lyrics. The scores have been written to correspond with songs in the Green Large Print Song Book.

The Green Book series were created at the request of those directly involved in developing and running lifestyle and activities programs looking to cater to the needs of a new generation entering care. However, this sheet music book, along with the accompanying lyrics songbook, also serves as a valuable resource for use by any choir and supporting pianist or musician.

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