Can You Find it? Nature Box


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Can You Find it? Nature Box  is a 1:1 cognitive and reminiscence activity for the person living with the early  to mid stages of dementia.

This portable plastic box with tray contains nature items and is a resource for sorting and identification, utilising word and number recognition, recognition of familiar objects that may aid conversation and reminiscence around a familiar hobby of bush walking or beach combing.

Items include 6 sea shells of different sizes, shapes and colours; 5 pebbles of different sizes, shapes and colours, 9 gum nuts and seed pods of various types and size; an artificial bottle brush flower; two pine cones; a starfish; 3 feathers, and 3 wood twigs. All items have been sustainably sourced from retailers in Australia.

Plastic storage box also contains instructions card with ideas for selecting, sorting and matching items,  and 12 laminated sorting and matching sheets to use with the objects in a higher level activity.

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