Relish 13p Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – Life of a Kitten


35 piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle with laminated front and back,  allowing cleaning for environments where infection control is important. Suitable for people living with dementia.

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This 13 piece large piece jigsaw puzzle – Life of a Kitten is  suitable for the person in the mid stages of their dementia journey, with an image that is a tool to share memories and provide a sense of achievement. The image is age appropriate, enabling engagement of the person with dementia without being childish or patronising.

The large,  cardboard pieces are easy to hold for those with limited dexterity. Puzzle pieces are placed into the box or can be constructed outside of the box on a table. Picture on the box lid also assists the person to complete the puzzle.


  • Wipe Clean (with a lightly damp cloth – no chemicals)
  • Large and unique pieces
  • Nostalgic scenes
  • Completed in the box or on the table
  • Contrast images
  • Bold colours
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable

Completed puzzle measures 31 cm x 22 cm

Item Code: JRLK

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Weight 0.3 kg