YUMMO! Food Picture Bingo – Printable


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A downloadable and printable picture bingo game  featuring types of food. Instead of numbers being called, the names of the pictures are called out along with flashcards to show the item, and players place their bingo counters on the pictures on their cards. Each player card has 16 pictures of food on it – and each picture has the word underneath it as additional cue for locating the picture. Use your own bingo counters to play the game.  The player who wins, calls out “Yummo” or bingo.
This game is suitable for clients with good cognition or minimal cognitive dysfunction. Set includes

  • 36 x A4 size colour bingo cards
  • 40 x small calling cards
  • 40 large A5 size flash cards
  • tracking card to mark off pictures as they are called

All activity components and instructions are emailed as downloadable pdf documents within 48 hours of purchase.

Item Code: EYBG