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Picture cards for playing well known memory matching pairs game or Snap, for those living with dementia or learning difficulties. – Seven themes available – animals, birds, clothes, drinks, flowers, food and tools.

This traditional and popular game can be enjoyed by everyone encouraging activity and entertainment with family and friends. Can also be played to encourage participation, conversation and stimulate curiosity. A gently challenging game – that can be played as snap or as matching pairs and depending on the abilities of the players, all the cards or just a few can be used. Is also an ideal resource for residential aged care homes.

  • All the picture cards are hand made
  • They are all laminated with rounded corners
  • The picture cards have clear bright images on white background that are age appropriate
  • There are 30 cards in the set (15 matching pairs)
  • Each card is approx.7.5 cm wide x 10.00 cm long  (3.00 inches x 4.50 inches)
  • Comes with rules and handy storage bag

Item Codes:
GMMAN Animals
GMMBI – Birds
GMMCL – Clothes
GMMDR – Drinks
GMMFL – Flowers
GMMFO – Food
GMMTO – Tools


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Animals, birds, clothes, drinks, flowers, food, tools