Picture Dominoes / Cards


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Picture Domino / Cards are suitable for people living with dementia or those with learning difficulties. Five themes available – food and drink, fruit, numeral, pets and shapes.

  • These domino /cards (Numbers) are  approx. 4.00 cm x 9.50 cm (1.50 inches x 3.50 inches)
  • The Picture domino  /cards are bright and colourful,  all laminated with rounded corners
  • Consists of a standard set 28 domino picture /cards as shown in the photos plus rules
  • The rules of the game can be adapted to suit the players and ensure everyone is having fun
  • Comes with storage bag

This wonderful traditional game that is so familiar to everyone, including the elderly and those living with dementia or learning difficulties. It is a wonderful game to bring the players together in the enjoyment of participating and also provides a gently challenging game.  If you have a family member or a friend who still enjoys playing games these picture domino / cards would make a wonderful gift.  They would also make a great resource for residential aged care homes.

Item Codes:

GPDFD Food and Drink Picture Dominoes / cards
GPDFR Fruit Picture Dominoes / cards
GPDNU Numeral Picture Dominoes / cards
GPDPE Pets Picture Dominoes / cards
GPDSH Shapes and Colours Picture Dominoes / cards


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Weight 0.113 kg

Food and Drinks, Fruit, Numerals, Pets, Shapes and Colours