Green Book CD Collection


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The Green Book CD Collection is a 10 disc collection with 20 instrumental tunes per disc, compiled to cater to the Baby Boomer’ taste, with music from the 1950s through to the 1970’s and while these people didn’t grow up with the sing-alongs of yesteryear, that are familiar to the Red and Blue Book editions, this collection also has a companion song book- The Green Large Print Song Book available. Musical arrangements by Barry Hall.

View the song lists and hear a sampler of each of the 200 songs in this collection

The instrumental music in this CD collection will provide hours of pleasurable listening, but the following are just some of the other ways in which it can be used:

  • As music to play on bus excursions
  • Music for quizzes and games
  • Music for movement such as strength training, stretching, balance and cardiac workouts
  • As background music for happy hour drinks or parties?
  • As backing music for sing-alongs or karaoke
  • As music to work to

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