Ready to Print Picture Book on CD – Busy in the Garden

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A  picture  book  on CD to print off yourself for the person living with dementia.. Open up the CD on your computer and print off the pdf high quality sequenced photographs related to gardening activities onto thick paper ready for binding to make a book, or for putting into a folder.
Images include -Statice growing and drying; hens and eggs; a gardener caring for roses; flowers, fruit and herbs growing; and a girl climbing a tree.

  • Short visual stories – not just a collection of themed photos– designed to engage the person in reminiscing and conversation.
  • Ready to Print! At home or at a professional printer from a CD
  • Each CD Title comes with 3 Adobe PDF files: Picture Book, Step-by-step printing instructions with screenshots, and Test Printing. –
  • Once your book is printed, worn or marked pages can easily be replaced.
  • Book can lay flat on table or fold back for storytelling.
  • Replace a damaged page.Printed Book will be: 50 Pages – 25 x A4 sheets (a few blank pages)

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