An. Exercise DVD – Best of Sitting Dances Kit


Seated movement to music program

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The Best of Sitting Dances Kit is a program that encourages gentle movement to music from a chair sitting position – suitable for low and high care settings. The 13 dances on the DVD range from slow and rhythmic to faster, more exuberant – so different levels of ability can be catered for. Kit includes 14 step by step instructional cards for group leaders, DVD demonstrations and CD of music of each of the dances. Also included is a little background information on each dance and tips for leaders.

Dances include – The Dance of Greeting, Paprika, Raindrops Blues, The Russian, The Irish Washerwoman, Heel & Toe Polka, Hand Shape Circle Dance, Little Italian, Flower Girl, Taxi! Clap & Shake, Charleston, Colour Dance.

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