Exercise DVD – Smile and Sway Gently


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The DVD – Smile and Sway Gently  is a low impact chair based exercise program that is a slower paced program than the original Smile and Sway DVD. Specifically designed for seniors in aged care facilities,  day therapy units,  respite care and community  programs, the “dance-along” program of seated exercises combines gentle arm and leg movements with the sounds of ballroom and latin music. The pace of the chair dancing  is kept slow and the instructions simple. 30 minutes duration.

Smile and Sway Gently features two menu options:

1. Full verbal and visual instruction from creator Gina Buber

2. Visual cues only from Gina but no verbal instruction, a great way for  staff to add their own flair whilst following Gina visually along with the music.

Item Code: DSSG 

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Dimensions 28.0 × 22.0 × 2.0 cm

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