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Scents Sort Matchup Kit

Scent Sort Match-Up Kit Game

Scents Sort Match up Kit Match up the 30 scent-filled cups with beautifully illustrated picture cards. The self-sealing cups are perfect for storage, and the scents will last for years! Use as a 1 to 1 activity to stimulate the olfactory sense in people who have diminished sense of smell or try one of the […]

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Reminiscence Books to Help People With Alzheimers

More nonverbal small picture books – hardcopy

Judy from Share-time Pictures has released three new small picture books with no text, suitable for engaging the person living with dementia in reminiscence or recollection of past experiences. Click the pic to see the books available.       Read this Article about Reminiscence Picture Books for People with Alzheimer’s   These 3 new titles  are available through […]

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CAP DVDs and Aged Care Trivia USBs

Some of our customers have asked how the new Aged Care Trivia USBs are different from the Cognitive Activity Program DVDs. Apart from the fact that the CAP dvds have been specifically designed to challenge clients’ learning, recall and reasoning functions, while the Aged Care Trivia USBs are designed purely as trivia quizzes here are […]

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Fran West

Fran West’s Photography DVDs and Reminiscence Photos CDs

Award-winning adventurer Fran West presents a series of DVD movie (slideshow) presentations of photos with background music. Designed for easy viewing and listening, the DVDs are a combination of Fran’s aerial and ground images. They have been designed specifically at the request of, and for use by, diversional therapists, to connect people with past lifestyles, […]

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